This is a good walk to do about an hour and a half before sunset. If the tide is high, the reflections on Cummeen Strand can be quite spectacular, with the church silhouetted against the setting sun. The walk takes about one hour, but allow a bit more time if you would like to explore the church ruins and beach behind.

  • Start at the cannon and head to your right, walking past the surf shop towards the caravan park.
  • Pass the caravan park, sticking to the path along the top of the dunes.
  • You can continue along the dune path or look for a fork to your right which will take you on a lower path through the grass.
  • Take the concrete walkway around the sewage treatment plant, which will bring you back to the right and to a small gate.
  • Go through this gate and the path will take you safely around the end of the airport runway.
  • You will see the church straight in front of you, to the northeast in the direction of Benbulben.
  • There is a peaceful swimming beach around the back of the church on high tides. The water always seems to be few degrees warmer here than in the bay.
  • Return along the same route.
Go Strandhill - Killaspugbrone Walk Map