Dog Owners Encouraged to ‘Bag It & Bin It’ in Strandhill

Image 2 Fia The Dog - Go Strandhill

A new anti-litter campaign has been launched in the seaside village of Strandhill this summer to tackle the increasing problem of dog waste along public pathways and beaches.

Local dog owners and visitors to Strandhill, who may bring their dogs on holidays, are encouraged to avail of the four new bag and bin systems in place on Strandhill Promenade, at the Killaspugbrone Loop, and at the entrance to the recently opened Queen Maeve trail on Knocknarea Mountain.

Spearheaded by the Strandhill Development Association in association with Sligo County Council and their Anti Litter Anti Graffiti Awareness Grant, issued by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, the initiative is a collaborative effort to deal with the unsightly problem of dog waste.

Owners legally responsible for their pets

Under Section 22 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997, it is an offence to allow a dog under your control to foul a public place. This means the owner or person in charge of the dog is required to remove dog faeces and dispose of them in a suitable, sanitary manner.

Cllr Sinead Maguire, a resident of Strandhill, was instrumental in highlighting the issue over many months at Council level and locally said: ‘It is important that local organisations such as the Development Association and the Council work together on such issues. The culture around the cleaning up of dog litter has to change and this is a most welcome first step.”

A number of local sponsors including The Warriors Run and The Pet Stop are supporting the initiative in an effort to highlight the ongoing problem.

Grant available to help tackle litter

Sligo County Council’s Anti Litter Awareness Grant is available to communities, schools and groups who wish to tackle a litter problem in their community. Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Director of Services at Sligo County Council Tom Kilfeather said: “The Council played a pivotal role in this project and we are delighted to partner with the Strandhill Development Association to work on this issue together. Strandhill is a huge draw for tourists and it’s important we keep it as clean as possible, as much as possible.”

This new campaign is targeted at both the local community but also tourists who may not be aware of the bag and bin systems available. Strandhill continues to see increasing visitor numbers and it’s vital that the landscape and scenery which people are coming to see is enhanced and maintained.

Sean Conlon And Trisha Horan from The Warriors Run Festival Team, David McCoy of Strandhill Development Association, John McKeon of The PetStop, Cllr Sinead Maguire, and Tom Kilfeather, Director of Services at Sligo County Council