Rambling House Revival at Dolly’s Cottage

Go Strandhill - Dollys Cottage

Dolly’s cottage will be hosting a very special evening called “Rambling House”, on the first Thursday of every month, beginning this December 1st at 8pm.

The idea behind the Rambling House is that everyone can enjoy sharing the rich variety of talent in their local community in the neutral and welcoming space of Dolly’s Cottage, in a way that includes everyone from professional to amateur and everyone in the community who wants to support their fellow musicians, storytellers, singers, dancers and creators of every kind.

Sing a song, play a tune or read a poem, all ages are welcome and there is no charge, tea and cake will be provided.

Dolly’s rambling house promises to be a celebration of the diverse and rich local musical talent and a magical night of young and old sharing their gifts in a traditional setting.

As always, Dolly’s Cottage will welcome all the ramblers on the night, with a warm turf fire and a warm drink, so make it a date on the first Thursday of every month and help bring our community closer together.