Bringing Strandhill to the world

Go Strandhill - Infographic June 2014

Over the past two years we have made it our mission to tell the world about Strandhill and all it entails. From local businesses, history and hikes to events and scenery, we have spread the word of ‘Our Little Secret’.

The blue areas in the above map show where the website has been viewed, with almost the entire globe covered. 73% of all visitors to the site have been new visitors, which means we are successfully expanding our viewer base as the Go Strandhill brand grows. Almost 15,000 people saw our most popular facebook post, which was a jaw-dropping photo of Strandhill bodyboarder Shambles McGoldrick taking a huge wave at Mullaghmore in January 2014.

We would like to thank you for all your support so far as we look forward to another exciting year.