Local Produce from Mullaghmore

Go Strandhill - Mullaghmore Sea Farm

Trá Bán prides themselves on sourcing the food that goes into their dishes locally, helping to protect the environment from food miles and supporting local people and businesses.

One of their excellent suppliers is Mullaghmore Sea Farm, where they source prawns, lobster and other shellfish. The Sea Farm, owned by Daithí O’Dowd, supplies lobster, prawns, shrimp and crab locally, nationally and to the European market.

They are committed to providing top quality shellfish to their customers in the most sustainable way possible and work with the Irish North West Lobster Fishermen’s Co-op and the local fishing community to restock juvenile lobsters in our area. That’s one reason why Trá Bán supports local producers, but no one can deny the quality of produce, not only from Mullaghmore Sea Farm, but also from the numerous suppliers all around Sligo and Ireland.